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Important Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update:

Dr. Berman has been following the scientific data and trends involving the spread of the virus and the best ways to contain it. In the dental office respiratory particles are aerosolized during most procedures through the use of the dentist's handpiece ("drill") and the hygienist's ultrasonic scalers. In normal life our personal protective equipment, such as gloves, masks, and glasses protect our team from these aerosols, but this virus may be different. We do not know.

Because there is much that is unknown about the virus, we have made the difficult decision to temporarily limit the number of staff members and patients inside the building. In order to practice social distancing to try to "flatten the curve" to reduce the spread of the coronavirus within our community, especially to those in high risk groups.

Dr. Berman did not make this decision lightly and realizes that it may be an inconvenience for many. However, we believe we must all do our part. We will contact all of our patients who are scheduled during this time. We ask for your patience and understanding during this unforeseen situation.

During this time, you can call the office at (262) 697-5444 to leave a message in our mailbox or if it is a dental emergency, please call the emergency number that is given.

The news surrounding COVID-19 is constantly changing so we will continue to closely monitor this situation and keep you updated. Thank you again for your understanding. We are grateful for all of our patients and want you to be safe.

Dr. Josephine Berman and Team